ReadyBed®: Sleepover Tips….

Sleepovers allow kids to practice their independence and boost their social skills.


Whether you are hosting a sleepover at home or your little one is off to stay at their friend’s house for the first time here are some top tips to help make it great fun and smooth sailing!

boys 5Sleepy Saturday!! – Saturday is considered the best day to hold a sleepover, most kids will be worn out from some kind of sporting event or activity during the day so it will be easier to get them to sleep, plus everyone will have Sunday to recover and probably the Number 1 tip for sleepovers, make sure the parents know what time to PICK UP the next day and MAKE IT EARLY as by 9am you will be more than ready to say goodbye to those little angels!

What to do? Movies and Popcorn are sleepover staples, but make sure there are a few different things lined up to keep them entertained. Some fun ideas include making pizzas, playing computer games, applying face masks and nail art, singing karaoke, making jewellery, crafting activities or having a Nerf gun battle. Make sure that sugary snacks are kept to a minimum in the late evening otherwise you’ll all still be awake at 4am!

Where to sleep? Whether they actually sleep is to be seen but they will need a base for the night. The best idea is to put the kids in the living room or playroom, everyone is equal and it’ll be easier to keep an eye on them!DP

Check in! As embarrassing as Mum can be, the kids will need to be checked in on from time to time. As a rule, make sure you look in on them every 20-30mins – even if everything seems ok! This allows you to make sure that they are not doing anything unsafe and that no one is upset or feeling left out.

Don’t Worry – Make sure you have contact numbers for all of the parents, it’s important to let the kids know that they can go home if they are upset. You may end up picking up a sleepy kid in pyjamas, but teaching your kids to take risks and give things a try is the most important thing.#Ready for Anything TWITTER 440 X220