Top tips for planning the perfect sleepover

We all know that little ones LOVE sleepovers. As winter approaches – with plenty of magic in the air – it’s the perfect time to invite friends to play and stay. Here’s our top tips for creating the perfect sleepover for kids of all ages.

Comfort, convenience and sweet dreams

Having a ReadyBed is the ultimate stress-free sleepover accessory. The inflatable ReadyBed mattress comes with an ultra-cosy cover and pillow that folds up into a handy carry bag, so your little ones can take their own bed away with them. With a range of designs to choose from, your child can pick their favourite characters to be on the cover which will reassure and comfort them while they’re away from home.

As well as their ReadyBed, make sure they pack their pyjamas, favourite teddy, and of course their toothbrush!

Create a party atmosphere

If you’re hosting the sleepover, encourage your little night owls to create a sleep space with lots of cushions, blankets and even fairy lights. This can be a kick-off game to inspire teamwork and bonding.

Next up, party food. A picnic or snack station makes for a special occasion. For an interactive element, you could make and bake mini-pizzas, cut sandwiches into fun shapes and serve-up fruit kebabs drizzled with melted chocolate for extra yumminess!

Let the games begin…

Plan some high-energy, fun games before bed such as musical bumps and musical statues that will help to tire out excited party-goers. Then start to wind down with a game of bedtime bingo!

When the kids have filled up on food and changed into their pyjamas, put on their favourite film and give them a bowl of popcorn to munch. Just before they settle down to sleep, offer them a mug of hot chocolate or milk to help relax them into sleep mode.

Make sure everyone brushes their teeth really well before bed and once they are all comfy in their ReadyBeds read them a bedtime story before lights out.

A fun-filled evening will make lasting memories and hopefully ensure a great night’s sleep for one and all. Have you hosted a sleepover and have tips or ideas you’d like to share? Let us know here.