ReadyBed®: Deluxe Review

A few weeks ago, Tammy attended a wedding with her two children. With many of the guests staying over, there was a shortage of beds – but that didn’t matter to Tammy and her kids, because they each had their own Deluxe ReadyBed!

Tam RB2

From kids’ ReadyBeds that are bursting with character, to Deluxe ReadyBeds with extra room and comfort, Tammy’s here to talk you through all the wonderful features of our extensive range…

Hi Tammy, can you please give us a brief overview of the ReadyBed range?
We start with My First ReadyBed and CosyWrap which are for children of 18 months; then we go up a size to the Junior ReadyBed, which is suitable for children aged three and over. After that we have a range of camping and adult ReadyBeds which come in junior, single, double and king size, as well as the Deluxe Range, which is a higher spec.

407DRB01E JUNIOR Deluxe ReadyBed 03

Phew! So how long has Worlds Apart been making ReadyBeds?
Fourteen years, and they’ve developed a lot in that time. They initially began as a children’s inflatable bed with a detachable cover and sheet, but now they’re even more comfortable and we have a much bigger range!

What makes a ReadyBed different to other blow-up beds?
It’s everything in one – bedding and a blow up bed. It’s really simple to put up, plus the detachable blanket is machine washable.

What inspired the range?
The ethos at Worlds Apart is all about putting things together to make something better, and there was a gap in the market for an all-in-one sleep solution. It seems really obvious to integrate the bedding and mattress now!

So when would a ReadyBed come in handy?
A kids’ ReadyBed is mostly used for sleepovers or for staying over at Grandma’s – times when you might worry about providing a bed. As the children get older the ReadyBed’s all-in-one feature means they’re great for camping – bedding is one less thing to pack!

What’s the most important thing to consider when designing a ReadyBed?
We design ReadyBeds for a wide range of ages, so we’re always conscious of this in the initial stages. It’s important to get the size right, especially with younger children, so that a kids’ ReadyBed is safe and not too high off the ground.

How have ReadyBeds been designed with comfort in mind?
The mattress is made up of directional I-beams, which basically means it’s very stable and feels really firm when you lie on it. You don’t feel like you’re about to roll off!

What other benefits can a ReadyBed offer you?
Ease. It’s all there in one. As a result it’s space saving. We keep ours in the attic, but you could stick them under the bed.

Are they simple to put up?
Very. The children’s ReadyBeds come with plastic foot pumps and the larger ones come with battery-operated or electric pumps. To take a ReadyBed down you just remove the cap and squeeze the air out as you roll it up into its carry bag.

I’ve got two young girls, aged 4 and 5, and a few weeks ago we stayed over at a friend’s house for a wedding. She didn’t have many beds, so I took a ReadyBed for each of us – it made such a difference! You don’t even have to think about it, just turn the pump on and a minute later it’s up.

Could you tell us about the different designs?
We have a huge range of our own designs, characters and styles. In the ‘My First’ range we have The Gruffalo, Thomas and Peppa Pig, in ‘Junior’ we have Disney Princess, My Little Pony, Marvel and Disney Cars, and that is just a taster, we have many more of all your favourite characters!

Do you think the characters make a real difference?
We love anything that helps a child with their sleep routine and makes things easier for parents. A familiar character really does make such a difference when staying away. It becomes the child’s bed and they’re excited to sleep in it.

What’s your favourite ReadyBed, and why?
There’s a nice SleepyTime Owl My First ReadyBed, which I really like. The Deluxe Range is so comfy – I’m tall, so it’s good to have the extra length. I also love the artwork on the Star Wars ReadyBed – boys can be tricky to design for and this ReadyBed is really cool.

Are you planning a sleepover at Grandma’s or having all the kids’ friends over to stay? Explore our range of ReadyBeds, including Tammy’s favourite Owl My First ReadyBed here…