• Transform bedtime in a flash with the Disney Cars 3 Junior ReadyBed. Snuggle up, settle down, shut your eyes – a slumberful night awaits. Perfect for a home stay or a night-time adventure away, the Cars 3 Junior ReadyBed is the all-in-one sleeping bag and bed where sleep comes speedily. Let Lightning McQueen and his racing team take him from eyes wide open to the land of nod in seconds. Simply pop it open, pump it up and have him revved up ready to be tucked in seconds, cosied up on a super-soft mattress and plush built-in pillow. Whether it’s settling down for an afternoon nap with grandparents or geeing up for an outdoor camping trip, the Cars 3 Junior ReadyBed makes bedtime out and about an exciting adventure. And with all his favourite characters around him, he’ll be happy to jump in and dream away.