ReadyBed®: A great night’s sleep anywhere!

Your child’s first few nights away from home can be tricky. Whether they’re visiting Grandparents or staying with a friend, new smells, unusual food and strange night time noises can undo the toddler sleep training you’ve had success with at home.

As part of our Ready for Bed? campaign, we’ve enlisted the help of children’s sleep expert Mandy Gurney to offer you advice on common toddler sleep problems. When it comes to their first few nights away from home, Mandy recommends using a children’s ReadyBed:

“Sleeping away from home can be an anxious time for some young children. A ReadyBed with your child’s favourite character will offer the familiar smells and comfort of home, the safety of being low to the ground and the fun of camping out away from home, making for stress free sleepovers.” Mandy Gurney.

We know that kids love spaces that they can call their own, so our ReadyBeds are packed with character. When your little ones are snuggled up with their favourite friends, they’ll have a sleep that’s sound – wherever they are.

My First ReadyBed®

401THA01E Thomas My First ReadyBed-product with model_04

With Thomas, Peppa Pig or  PJ Masks, every lights out is a sleep-tight. My First ReadyBeds are snug and warm, plus you can pop them up in an instant using the pump provided.






Junior ReadyBed®

Medium JPG-406SMN-Lead Lifestyle-Spider-Man Junior ReadyBed


Cars, Spider-Man, Paw Patrol and Disney Princess are all available for your child’s first sleepover. With their favourite characters to comfort them, snoozing will feel snugger and safer in an unfamiliar home.





There are even more characters and colours to choose from, and we also do some great Adult Guest ReadyBeds for grown ups too, so be sure to explore our entire range of ReadyBeds.

Mandy has written a Toddler Sleep Guide exclusively for us, it’s packed with advice, addressing many of the things that cause sleep problems in children – their first nights away from home, a lack of bedtime routine and moving from a cot into their first big bed.