ReadyBed®: Super sleepovers!

It’s almost half term and without school to keep them busy, the kids are bound to want to spend lots of time at each other’s houses. With an all-in-one children’s ReadyBed to hand, you’ll be prepared for a super sleepover in a flash.


Having friends to stay over is a great way for your child to form a closer bond with their friends – particularly if they’ve just started at a new school. However, a peaceful night’s sleep is as important for Mum and Dad as it is for the kids, and it can be hard to settle excited kids down to get some shut-eye.

Below you’ll find some super sleepover activities aimed at helping the kids to wind down after a long day of playing – so everyone can enjoy a good night’s sleep.


Princess pampering party

Little girls love acting like grown-ups, so a play-pretend spa is a lovely way to make them feel special. Relaxing music will also help with the bedtime wind-down.

Easy to make homemade face mask
Simply mix oats with a little hot water, wait until it cools, and then get the kids to mix the gloopy mixture with plain yoghurt. Putting cucumber circles on their eyes completes the spa effect. They can all have a giggle about how silly they look with their face masks on!


Making a dreamcatcher is a fun but quiet activity, perfect for the end of the day. It’s a great way to get the kids thinking about sleep and they can put the finished article up above their bed. Use the outside of a paper plate as the frame and punch 10 holes into it. The children then thread string through the holes in a criss-cross pattern to catch the dreams. They can use beads and feathers to decorate the string and edges of the plates. Check out our Pinterest Board for some inspiration.

Teddy bears’ picnic

Tell each child to bring a special teddy with them for a tea party. Not only is this a lovely way to theme teatime, it could help reassure the other children about having a teddy with them when they sleep.

Sleep-time treasure hunt

Set out clues for each of the kids to follow around the house, with the last clue leading them to their beds. The prize for solving all the clues could be to pick the bedtime story or have a hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Sleep soundly with ReadyBed®

Medium JPG-406SMN-Lead Lifestyle-Spider-Man Junior ReadyBed

Whether they’re staying away or you have their little friends over for a sleepover, a children’s ReadyBed will provide all the comforts of home. The snuggly sleeping bag attaches to the super comfortable mattress for a warm and cosy night’s sleep. With Paw Patrol, Disney Princess and all of their other favourite characters to cuddle up with, they’ll be eager to snuggle down and bedtimes will be better all round.

Discover the ReadyBed range for the whole family and have a great night’s sleep anywhere!