Cars Junior ReadyBed®: Review

Helen Dickinson is Mummy to a beautiful little boy named Maxwell and writer of Mummy to the Max, which follows their daily adventures as Maxwell makes the most of growing up. We recently gave Helen a Cars Junior ReadyBed to see if it could help her little boy get a good night’s sleep away from home. We caught up with her to find out how they got on…


Hi Helen, we’re excited to find out what you thought – what were your first impressions of the Cars Junior ReadyBed?
My first impressions were that it was bright, seemed like a great quality product and, thanks to the handy instructions, it looked easy to use.

Has Maxwell ever slept in a ReadyBed before?
Never before, Maxwell has only ever slept in his cot bed, travel cot and his cot.

When did you use the ReadyBed?
We used it when we were staying away. Since then we have used it at my sister’s house and we are now hoping to use it at her wedding, which is early next year.

Medium JPG-406CSR-Lead Lifestyle-Cars 2 Junior ReadyBed

Was the ReadyBed easy to set up?
The ReadyBed was extremely easy to set up. The instructions that came with it were clear and the product itself is easy to use. It took a matter of minutes to set up and was ready for Maxwell to use straight away.

What did Maxwell think of it?
He loved the product. He got into the ReadyBed as soon as it was set up and he had no problems with lying in it and going to sleep. He loved the design of the ReadyBed as he is Disney Cars mad!

What did you think of the all-in-one feature? Did it make a big difference to your evening?
I thought the all-in-one feature was fantastic. It made it easy to set the ReadyBed up and it meant that we did not spend hours creating an environment that Maxwell was happy to sleep in.


What did you think of the design?
The design was clear and I think it was very age appropriate for Maxwell. I love the fact that Worlds Apart has lots of character designs, which suit children’s different tastes and needs.

What did you think of the feel of it? Was it comfortable and warm?
I think Maxwell found the ReadyBed comfortable and warm to sleep in. The zip feature was fab, because if Maxwell got too hot it could be opened to allow more air in.

Did Maxwell sleep well in the ReadyBed?
Maxwell slept well in the ReadyBed and he had no problems using it at all.

What did he like most about the ReadyBed?
I think Maxwell loved the design on the ReadyBed the most. I also think he felt very grown up sleeping in the ReadyBed as it is quite a change from his cot, travel cot and cot bed.

What did you like most?
That it is easy to pop away and carry. This makes it easy to take the ReadyBed away with you whenever you need it. I also love how small the product is when folded down, this makes it incredibly easy to store or just chuck in the car boot if you are off somewhere.


What is Maxwell’s usual bedtime routine and did the ReadyBed help you keep to it?
Maxwell normally goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at around 7am. He slept right through on the ReadyBed.

Do you think you would want to use the ReadyBed again?
Yes we will 100% be using the ReadyBed again. We will use it when Maxwell goes to visit my sister and my parents, and at my sister’s wedding.

Would you recommend the ReadyBed to other parents?
I would recommend this product to other parents because it is easy to use, practical when you’re out and about, and it is a fun way to get your child to sleep. I am looking forward to Maxwell using it at sleepovers when he is a little older.

The Cars Junior ReadyBed is available at Amazon.

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